Looking to make the next step on buying your dream home? You’ve come to right place. Whether you are first time home buyer, an experienced buyer, or just somewhere in between, I can help make this experience smooth and worrisome free. On this page you will find helpful tools and tips to get you started. Feel free to browse the entire site and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you soon!

Calculate Your Estimated Mortgage

7 Steps to Buying

I know it sounds silly but this decision needs to be made before you move forward.

Remember, as a Buyer’s agent. My services to you are virtually free! On typical deals the Seller pays the Buyer’s agent commission. So, take advantage of my free services. Together we will discuss what you want in a home and come up with a game plan of what’s next.

Getting pre-approved and knowing exactly how much house you can afford before shopping for a home is key to winning over sellers, real estate agents agree. I can get you in touch with a preferred Lender, if you don’t have a relationship with one yet.

Together, we will view properties and narrow the prospects down to your favorite one!

Making an offer is a big deal! Once accepted by the Seller, it becomes your binding contract! Don’t worry. That’s where I come in handy. I will help you figure out what a fair offer is based off comparable homes in the market and other details of the contract. There is a lot that goes into a contract and having me on your side is ideal.

There are several documents myself or your lender will need from you. Including your signature on additional documents. Time is of the essence. Please be diligent in getting documents back to us in a timely manner.

Closings take typically 30-45 days to close. Depending on your type of financing and your lender’s workload. I will be working closely with your Lender to assure a smooth process for you. Closings are typically held at the title company and I will set the exact time of close with you about a week prior. Be sure to bring your Driver’s License.

Why You Should Choose Me As Your Real Estate Agent

Ethical Consideration

I am a member of the Lakeland Association of Realtors. Not every agent is a part of a Board of Realtors. Being a part of this group means I agree to abide by a code of ethics. That code essentially stipulates that Realtors deal with all parties of a transaction honestly. Under the code, I am obligated to put your interests ahead of my own. I am also required to make full disclosure about any known problems with a property and be truthful in advertising.

Pricing Expertise

Anyone can spend a few minutes online and pull information on sales of comparable houses, real estate agents have the experience to know whether a specific house is overpriced or underpriced. There’s a lot more that goes into pricing than price per square foot.

Finding the Right Homes

Though most homes for sale are widely available for buyers to assess on Web sites, in some cases, sellers don’t want the fact that they’re selling to be widely publicized. In those cases, only the real estate agents know the houses are for sale.

Tackling the Paperwork

There is a lot of paperwork involved with buying a home. Offers, counter offers, contracts, various addendums, etc. The paperwork can be tiresome. Let me take care of managing those documents, deadlines and numerous other behind the scene processes that are going on. I do my best to ensure a smooth closing for you.

Unemotional Negotiation

As levelheaded as you think you are, when you’re fighting with a seller over fixing a double tapped breaker because the insurance company won’t insure the house, it’s easy to lose your cool. Having me write the requests objectively and forward them to the seller saves you the trouble of getting overly emotional about the deal.


In most cases, Buyers are anxious about requesting repairs. I am able to identify trouble that you may not see, as well as recommend a good independent home inspector who will provide a detailed report on problems with the house. These reports can be dozens of pages long. Within all those pages, some problems are important and others aren’t. If the house is in reasonably good condition, requests for repairs can make or break a deal. I will be able to tell you what’s reasonable to request and what’s excessive. Let me take that anxiety away and handle the repair negotiations on your behalf.

Closing Issues

When a sale nears closing, all kind of pitfalls can kill the deal in the final hours. I know what to watch for before it’s too late. I’m also very good at trouble shooting and resolving issues quickly.

Opting For New Home Construction

Whether to buy an existing home or have one built is yet another decision to make during the home-buying process. If you decide to go with new construction, a real estate agent can be a powerful advocate in your corner as you negotiate upgrades, a move-in date and other terms with the home builder.

Below are some basic pointers to prepare you for the journey ahead.

Selecting a builder

Shopping for a large production or custom home builder can be a daunting task. Start by defining what architectural styles appeal to you and then seek out the builders in your area who offer those styles. Due diligence is essential. Ask friends for referrals to get firsthand accounts; verify the builder’s state license status, if applicable; and check whether they’re certified by the National Association of Home Builders.

The builder representative and your real estate agent

A builder representative’s ultimate goal is to sell you a home. His or her role is to provide a wide range of information to help you in your decision-making, from building restrictions, roads and easements to inspections, warranties, rebates and upgrades. A real estate agent knowledgeable in new-home construction will be able to help you wade through all the data and point out the downsides and upsides of each line item. Your agent also can look out for your interests in reviewing the builder’s contract, which often contains more legal jargon than consumer-friendly language.

It’s all about timing

Market conditions greatly dictate a builder’s incentive to make a deal you cannot refuse. When a builder has inventory on his hands, his carrying costs start adding up. When this happens, a builder might be more amenable to strike a favorable deal, whether it’s throwing in upgrades or taking a bit off the asking price. A real estate agent can help you know when market conditions are right for these benefits. Also, watch for builder close-out sales. Builders promote these special events when a new subdivision is near completion but empty inventory still remains.

A word about paying up

While there are always exceptions, most builders require a deposit when a purchase agreement is signed. They also require that the buyer pay for any upgrades prior to closing. If you back out prior to closing, unless the agreement states otherwise, you will lose that money. Make sure you understand every detail in the builder’s contract before signing it.

Buyer's Etiquette - the Do's & the Don'ts

Get pre-approved for a home loan

Getting pre-approved and knowing exactly how much house you can afford before shopping for a home is key to winning over sellers, real estate agents agree. I can get you in touch with a preferred Lender, if you don’t have a relationship with one yet.

Don’t bring an entourage

Try to minimize the field trip effect. Once you’ve narrowed down your choices to your top two to three properties, it is okay to bring some family members. However, sometimes too many opinions can be confusing and overwhelming, and add unnecessary time to the property tour.

When it comes to little ones, don’t let them wander anywhere they want. There are always potential safety issues.

Ask permission before taking photos

Want to take a few pictures or shoot some video to help you remember all those small details? Ask first. There might be concerns about privacy that you’re not aware of.

Don’t Enter A Home Without an Agent

Even if the doors are unlocked, do not enter the home without a Real Estate Agent. Whether the home is vacant or not. It is considered unauthorized entrance and we don’t want the police called. Please be patient and wait to setup an appointment with me.

Don’t linger too long

Just how long is long enough to truly take in a home? While there’s no formal rule, but anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes is typical for a first showing.

Taking a bit longer may be okay, but remember: You can always go back for a second showing and will likely need to.